Toowoomba Libraries Strategy

The overall project goals and objectives of the Library Facilities Strategy project are:

  • To ensure that future development of library facilities meet existing and emerging community needs;
  • To provide a logical sequence of works and/or projects for inclusion into council’s strategic planning
    documents and Council’s 20 year capital works program;
  • To identify solutions to emerging problems that are acceptable to council, achievable within
    indicative time frames, and provide reasonable cost benefit to the community and council;
  • To deliver library facilities and services throughout the region that have the capacity to adjust to
    changing contemporary needs, and remain affordable and within a manageable public service

Recommended Future Directions

  • An organisational structure based on a ‘hub and spoke’ Satellite model utilising a Resource Management
    Centre servicing a new City Library, new suburban libraries and upgraded existing regional branch libraries
    supplemented with an expanded mobile library service provides the most efficient and advantageous
    outcome for council from both a cost and service delivery perspective.
  • Housing the Local History Library collection and operations at a separate location is considered inefficient
    from both a staffing and general operations perspective. Accordingly, collocation within the new City Library
    with archives and valuable collections located in optimum conditions at the Resource Management Centre is
  • This collocation of community facilities is seen as beneficial to both council and the local community.
  • The report concludes with a preferred strategic approach and detailed recommendations which can be
    found in Key Findings of the Study and Future Directions.